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red hair  / tiffany

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shinee’s replay or infinite’s man in love requested by keydrianna

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bless the followers who tolerate your 95% fandom posts that aren’t even their fandom

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©  WINTER GLOW | Do not edit.
©  WINTER GLOW | Do not edit.

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"Shake It" by BTOB feat. Jung Ilsoon

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expectation vs reality

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[141019] CL’s Instagram (chaelincl): ’ #Love’

[141019] CL’s Instagram (chaelincl): ’ #Love’

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mark’s true intentions

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On a show, Zico was talking about his three wishes. He started stuttering “Uh… Um… First one is financial revival… Second one is my family’s health… And…” The members were not paying attention and talking over him, so he glared back at them and without a second of hesitation or stuttering, Zico answered “For the members’ health to worsen.” 


dont ever fuck with zico or else

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D-3 until VIXX-OTPS' first anniversary: Leo and Ravi ~

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favourite epik high’s born hater lyrics: bobby version

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La la la la la la la la la
Even your walk is the best

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